Occupational Safety and Health

Health and Sanitary Measures

Enhancing the Healthcare Management System to Foster Employees with Healthy Minds and Bodies

The entire Teijin Group collaborates internally to strengthen its healthcare management system, including mental health, and to improve workplace environments. The Group works to promote employees' mental and physical health, and to create comfortable working environments.

Mental Health Care Measures through Close Cooperation

Training and Education Activities with a Focus on Mental Health Care
Mental health training/education including topics such as care from management and self-care was conducted a total of 30 times group-wide.

In Japan, the Health Care Administration Office established in our Tokyo head office is responsible for planning and promoting Group-wide health management measures.

In FY2015, Teijin increased the number of clinical psychologists and took other measures aimed at strengthening its counseling system. As a result, the system, together with the Employee Assistance Program ("EAP"), received 2,479 counseling appointments for the year, in comparison to 1,892 in the previous fiscal year. In addition, Teijin appointed a new industrial doctor in April 2015 as a supervising psychiatrist to enhance its support system for employees' mental health, enabling it to provide flexible and detailed responses.

Furthermore, the Company's Health Care Administration Office collaborated with each business group, the human resource managers of each site, and industrial health staff to continue conducting face-to-face meetings with employees working long hours, and to formulate plans for preventing the mental and physical deterioration of employees. At the same time, approximately 600 employees to date on 35 separate occasions, including through new employee and new management training sessions and self-care and line-care seminars, underwent training as part of an effort to provide mental health education.

Continued Diagnosis of Stress Levels at All Workplaces

The Teijin Group has been diagnosing stress levels at all workplaces every year since 2003. For workplaces where health risk values exceed a certain standard, it proposes improvement activities matched to the workplace. The diagnostic results (benefit measurement) in July 2015 showed that approximately 70% of the workplaces have seen improvements.

In FY2015, we diagnosed stress levels at 716 workplaces. Those workplaces diagnosed as high-risk are currently in the process of making improvements.

Furthermore, in FY2016, in line with stress check legislation, the Teijin Group's aforementioned workplace diagnostics and improvements and its awareness and support of individuals' stress were described as "implementations of evocative diagnostics for both individuals and workplaces." On this basis, Teijin aims to create cheerful, light and comfortable workplaces.