Occupational Safety and Health

Health and Sanitary Measures

Health Management Declaration

The Teijin Group has for many years proclaimed through its corporate philosophy both internally and externally to be a company that values employee health, and in FY2016 we declared this basic value in the form of the Teijin Group Health Management Declaration. Strongly believing that employees are a company's ultimate management resource, each individual company of the Teijin Group will work in close collaboration to promote the creation of lively working environments with employees who enjoy both physical and mental health.

The Teijin Group was recognized as a Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization 2017 (White 500) by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for our excellent health management.

Mental Health Care Measures through Close Cooperation

Training and Education Activities with a Focus on Mental Health Care held at Individual Plants/Companies
In addition to clinics at our head office and major operation bases, the Teijin Group runs a Health Care Administration Office in our Tokyo head office. This office is a specialized organization responsible for planning and promoting Group-wide physical and mental health management measures as well as verifying the effects thereof.
Particularly in regards to mental health, Teijin has established consultation services for employees both internal and external to the company and the Health Care Administration Office provides tailored mental support under the guidance of medical specialists. In 2016, staff of the Health Care Administration Office (clinical psychologists, health nurses, nurses) and the external EAP (Employee Assistance Program) received a total of 2,431 consultations.
Furthermore, staff at the Health Care Administration Office regularly conduct various training sessions such as new employee self-care and line-care seminars, and to date have provided approximately 1400 employees with such preventative mental health education on 56 separate occasions.

Implementation of a Diagnosis to Measure the "Iki-Iki" Level of Individuals and Workplaces

The Teijin Group has been diagnosing stress levels in all workplaces in Japan every year since 2003. Furthermore, in line with stress check legislation, in July 2016 it implemented a diagnosis to measure the iki-iki (cheerfulness) level of individuals and workplaces. This diagnosis combines the workplace stress diagnosis with a stress diagnosis for individuals.
Those workplaces which were diagnosed as exceeding a certain level were the focus of workplace improvement activities to achieve bottom-up improvement through discussions with employees in the field. The results of the July 2016 diagnosis (an effectiveness measurement) showed that these activities had led to improvements in around 80% of the workplaces concerned.
Teijin will continue aiming to create cheerful and comfortable workplaces through these diagnosis and improvement activities.