Environmental Management

The Teijin Group announced the Declaration of Sustainable Environmental Initiatives in 2007 and is now working on a variety of environmental issues.

Basic Stance

The Teijin Group is globally expanding its wide range of businesses in the fields of materials, healthcare, and IT, and these business activities have no small impact on the earth's environment.
Consequently, The Teijin Group Global Environmental Charter was established in 1992. Subsequently, in 2007, we announced the Declaration of Sustainable Environmental Initiatives.
The Teijin Group recognizes the environmental impact of its operations and works towards finding a variety of solutions. While comitting to safety as the underlying foundation, the Teijin Group will strive to achieve a society manifesting “low carbon,” “effective materials circulation,” and “co-existence with nature,” and work towards the sustainable development of both society and the Company.

Code of Conduct

Environment , Safety & Health

We put the global environment, human safety and health as our top priorities when conducting business.

The Teijin Group Global Environmental Charter

To fulfill the Teijin Group´s corporate philosophy "We place the highest priority on safety and the preservation of our natural environment" to ensure society´s sustainable development, we will:

  • 1.
    Strive to promote efficient use of resources and energy and reduction of environmental impact to preserve the global environment.
  • 2.
    Provide products and services that reduce the environmental impact for society through progress in science and technology with a focus on global environmental consciousness.
  • 3.
    Participate in social activities aiming at conserving the global environment through education and raising awareness for group employees, and cooperation with local communities involved in our business activities.

(Established in December 1992; revised in July 2007)

Sustainable Environmental Initiatives

To achieve our aims to realize the goal of “living in harmony with the global environment and valuing nature and all living things on the planet”, as we have declared in our Corporate Philosophy, the Teijin Group has been active in promoting the Declaration of Sustainable Environmental Initiatives.

The Teijin Group believes that environmental management refers to reducing environmental impact over the entire life cycle of products including all processes from material procurement to production, use and disposal. We are working to integrate this with the Teijin Group’s overall management strategies, provide environmental value solutions, reduce environmental impact, conserve biodiversity, and promote environmental education and communication.

We are working to conserve energy, to use various resources effectively, to minimize emissions of chemical substances into the environment andto manage and reduce waste materials.

Marine Plastic Waste Initiative

The outflow of plastic wastes to the ocean originated marine pollution and their adverse effects on ecosystems are global problems.

On September, 2018, the Teijin Group has made the "declaration for solving the plastic marine waste problem".

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