Environmental Management

We established and are using an original Design for Environment Approval System.

  • Approval System

    Design for Environment

    Basic Stance

    The Teijin Group defines Design for Environment as “product design that aims to reduce the environmental impact of each product through evaluating the overall environmental impact throughout the product life cycle including procurement, production, use and disposal” and we are taking measures for the reduction of environmental impact.

    Code of Conduct

    Environment , Safety & Health

    We put the global environment, human safety and health as our top priorities when conducting business.

    Promotion of Design for Environment

    We established the Teijin Group Design for Environment Guidelines in January 2008, and we design our products based on comprehensive evaluations of their impact on the environment throughout their life cycles. Using a special checklist, we evaluate new and improved designs for products, manufacturing processes and IT/services, review various measures for reducing environmental impact and apply the results of the reviews in product design.

    Summary of the Design for Environment Evaluation Checklist

    • 1.
    • 2.
      Energy saving
    • 3.
      Resource saving
    • 4.
      Environmental conservation
    • 5.
      Provision of information
    • 6.
      Environmental impact reduction in the manufacturing stage

    Under the six major items, there are sub-items and spaces for scoring evaluations. The checklist is available in three versions with sub-items/spaces for scoring evaluation relating to either raw materials/materials, finished products, or IT services.

    Design for Environment Organizational Bodies

    Group CSR Committee, Group CSR Promotion Subcommittee, Business Group (Unit), Approval application, Self-evaluation(Checklist), Application, CSR Planning and Promotion Department, Examination for approval, Approval, Verification

  • Approved Products

    Design for Environment Approved Products
    Earth Symphony®

    This logo is used to promote awareness among the general public of our initiative for harmonization with the global environment through environmentally conscious corporate activities based on the Teijin Group Design for Environment Guidelines.

    Earth Symphony® is the trademark utilized for products and services that have received Design for Environment approval. To date, the total number of Design for Environment approved products and services is 33. For these products and services, to ensure reliability of Earth Symphony®, we even conduct regular post-approval audits to evaluate whether or not to continue approval.

    Earth Symphony® has become a registered trademark of the Teijin Group in Japan, the EU, China, Singapore, India and Indonesia.

    Example of Products that Received Design for Environment Approval

    High-grade artificial leather CORDLEY® (Use of recycled polyester)

    We used recycled polyester for high-grade artificial leather CORDLEY® which is used in sports shoes, balls, vehicles, school bags and other applications.

    Environmental Benefits

    Reduced use of natural resources, reduction of CO2 emissions and chemical substances with large environmental impact through use of recycled resources.

    Aramid fiber recycled pulp

    We recover products as well as waste aramid fiber and fiber scraps generated in manufacturing processes, turn them into thread or pulp form and reuse them in brake pads and brake linings.

    Environmental Benefits

    Reduced use of natural resources and reduction of CO2 emissions through use of recycled resources