Corporate Social Responsibility

ESH Management Data

For constant, efficient improvements of ESH activities

The Teijin Group promotes efforts to obtain certification for management system standards related to the ESH.
Furthermore, we quantitatively measure ESH-related investments/expenses and link this to efficient progress and improvements of ESH activities.

ESH-related Accounting

The Teijin Group calculates the investments, expenses, and effect of ESH activities at all group companies. The investments, expenses and effect of activities for environmental preservation, energy savings, reduced use of natural resources, and recycling are calculated with reference to the Environmental Accounting Guidelines 2005 Edition published by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan. We also calculate the investments and expenses for safety and disaster prevention, and health.

Trends in ESH-related investmentsa red star

Trends in ESH-related investments
  • Investment for environmental preservation totaled 1.2 billion yen. (There was a prominent increase in FY2015 due to a large-scale investment in fuel conversion of the boilers in the Mishima Factory.)
    In addition, investment for safety and disaster prevention, and health totaled 1.7 billion yen, as a result of our proactive implementation of safety and disaster prevention measures.

Trends in ESH-related expensesa red star

Trends in ESH-related expenses
  • Expenses for environmental preservation totaled approximately 5.1 billion yen, around the same as the previous fiscal year. Expenses for safety, disaster prevention, and health increased slightly year-over-year to total 2.3 billion yen.

Breakdown of ESH-related costs of the Teijin Group in FY2017a red star

Environmental preservation

(Unit: Millions of yen)

Item Main activities Investment Expenses Economic
Actual effect
Environmental preservation Business area Pollution prevention Measures to prevent pollution (air, water, soil, groundwater, noise, odor and other) and reduce chemical substance emissions 481 1,539 0
  • Reduced chemical substance emissions
  • Management of SOx emissions and COD load
Global environmental conservation Measures such as those relating to energy savings and prevention of global warming 676 410 117
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
Resource recycling Measures to increase effective use of waste, including promotion of waste recycling and solvent recovery 5 1,293 354
  • Reduced "waste with no effective use"
  • Reduced VOC emissions
Products and services Measures such as those to promote used-product recycling 1 187 52
Administration Establishment and maintenance of an environmental management system, including costs for administrative personnel 434
R&D Expenses for R&D of products and technologies designed to reduce environmental impact 24 820
Social activities Disclosure of environmental information at exhibitions; payment of SOx levy, environmental association memberships and other fees 394
Repairing environmental damage Investigation and measures to deal with soil, groundwater and other pollution 9
  • Investigation of soil and groundwater pollution, and necessary measures for decontamination
Total 1,188 5,086 523  

Safety and disaster prevention, and health

(Unit: Millions of yen)

Item Main activities Investment Expenses Actual effect
Occupational safety Ensuring occupational safety 747 362
  • Avoided occurrences of workplace accidents
Workplace environment improvement Activities relating to ventilation, lighting, and evaluating, maintaining and improving the workplace environment 496 235
Health promotion Physical examinations and other measures to promote health 40 393
Disaster prevention Investigation of the seismic resistance of buildings, maintenance, and improvement of fire prevention and extinguishing systems 417 704
R&D R&D of equipment and systems for safety and disaster prevention 0
Administration Establishment and maintenance of occupational health and safety management systems, including costs for administrative personnel and safety losses 617
Total 1,699 2,312
  • *Economic benefit: Only those items that had a substantial effect are included in the calculations.

Obtaining Management System Certifications

In the Teijin Group, each group company creates an environmental management system (EMS) based on ISO 14001 and Eco-Action 21 proposed by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan (and equivalent standards overseas if applicable). In doing this, we aim to take our independent activities for environmental preservation to the next level through continuous improvements.

Moreover, to promote voluntary efforts in occupational safety management activities, we establish occupational safety management systems conforming to OHSAS 18001 in each business site and promote ongoing improvement thereof. As of the end of March 2018, a total of 36 business sites and plants, comprising of 23 in Japan and 13 overseas, had been certified. Of the worksites recommended to acquire certification, 73% had acquired the relevant certification.

Current status of ISO 14001 certification

(17 companies, 31 factories)
Teijin (Iwakuni, Matsuyama, Mihara, Chiba, Teijin Composites Innovation Center, Mishima, Ibigawa)
Teijin Film Solutions (Gifu, Utsunomiya)
Hiroshima Plastic
Toho Chemical Engineering & Construction (Mishima, Tokushima)
Toho Machinery
Teijin Modern Yarn (Komatsu, Kaga)
Frontier Tex
Teijin Tedy
Teijin Cordley (Shimane)
Teijin Pharma (Tokyo Research Center, Iwakuni)
Teijin Logistics (Iwakuni, Utsunomiya)
Infocom (head office, Kansai, Nishihonmachi, Yokohama)
Infocom West Japan (Matsuyama)
Teijin Eco-Science (Matsuyama)
Teijin Kosan (Ehime)
(13 companies, 16 factories)
The Netherlands: Teijin Aramid (Delfzijl, Arnhem, Emmen)
Indonesia: PT. Indonesia Teijin Film Solutions
China: Nantong Teijin, Nantong Teijin Automotive Fabrics Finishing, Teijin Chemicals Plastic Compounds Shanghai, Teijin Polycarbonate China
Thailand: Teijin Polyester (Thailand), Teijin (Thailand), Thai Namsiri Intertex (Weaving, Dyeing), Teijin Cord (Thailand), Teijin Corporation (Thailand) Limited
Germany: Teijin Carbon Europe
USA: Teijin Carbon America

Current status of Eco-Action 21 certification

Japan (1 company, 1 factory) Teisan Pharmaceuticals

Current status of OHSAS 18001 certification

(15 companies, 23 factories)
Teijin (Iwakuni, Matsuyama, Mihara)
Teijin (Mishima, ibigawa) (From April 1, 2018)
Teijin Frontier (Matsuyama)
Teijin Film Solutions (Gifu, Utsunomiya)
Teijin Tedy
Hiroshima Plastic,
Teisan Pharmaceuticals,
Teijin Eco-Science (Matsuyama)
Teijin Logistics (Iwakuni, Utsunomiya)
Teijin Kosan (Ehime)
Teijin Engineering (Matsuyama, Iwakuni)
Toho Chemical Engineering & Construction (Mishima, Tokushima)
Toho Machinery
Infocom West Japan (Matsuyama)
Teijin Pharma (Iwakuni)
(10 companies, 13 factories)
The Netherlands: Teijin Aramid (Delfzijl, Arnhem, Emmen)
China: Teijin Chemicals Plastic Compounds Shanghai, Teijin Polycarbonate China
Thailand: Teijin Polyester (Thailand), Teijin (Thailand), Thai Namsiri Intertex(Weaving, Dyeing), Teijin Corporation (Thailand) Limited
Germany: Toho Tenax Europe
Spain: Esteve Teijin Healthcare
Indonesia: PT. Indonesia Teijin Film Solutions

Boundaries for Environmental Performance Indicators and Reporting of ESH Accounting

Teijin Limited and the following consolidated subsidiaries and associates

Aramid Overseas
  • Teijin Aramid B.V.
  • Teijin Corporation (Thailand)
Composites Japan
  • GH Craft
  • Diversified Structural Composites
Carbon Fibers Overseas
  • Teijin Carbon Europe
  • Teijin Carbon America
Films Japan
  • Teijin Film Solutions
  • PT. Indonesia Teijin Film Solutions
Resin and Plastics Processing Japan
  • Hiroshima Plastic
  • Kinkai Chemicals
  • Teiyo
  • Teijin Chemicals Plastic Compounds Shanghai
  • Teijin Polycarbonate China
Fibers and Products Coverting Japan
  • Teijin Frontier
  • Teijin Modern Yarn
  • Frontier Tex
  • Shinwa Gosen
  • Teikyo Lace
  • Union Tire Cord
  • Teijin Monofilament
  • Unisel
  • Teijin Cordley
  • Teijin Tedy
  • Teijin Frontier Apparel Industry
  • Kansaishizai
  • Teijin Logistics
  • Nantong Teijin
  • Teijin Modern Yarn (Nantong)
  • Teijin Frontier (Vietnam)
  • Thai Namsiri Intertex
  • Teijin Polyester (Thailand)
  • Teijin (Thailand)
  • Teijin Cord (Thailand)
  • Nantong Teijin Automotive Fabrics Finishing
  • N.I. Teijin Airbag Fabric (Nantong)
  • Teijin Frontier SHONAI
  • Teijin FRA Tire Cord (Thailand)
  • Korea Link Industrial
Healthcare Japan
  • Teijin Pharma
  • Teisan Pharmaceuticals
  • Teijin Home Healthcare
  • Teijin Nakashima Medical
IT Japan
  • Infocom
Material Overseas
  • Teijin Lielsort Korea
Directly Managed Companies Japan
  • Teijin Kosan
  • Teijin Eco-Science
  • Teijin Engineering
  • Toho Chemical Engineering & Construction
  • Toho Machinery
  • *Company names are correct as of the end of April 1, 2018.
  • *Limited (Ltd.), Co., Ltd., Inc., GmbH, Corporation, B.V. and the like have been omitted from the company names.