A New Beginning (Late 1990s ~)

1998 January Established the Corporate Ethics Committee.
April Corporate Standard of Conduct established.

Started marketing of SAFHS. A device used for the accelerated healing of certain fractures.

December Signed agreement with Byk Gulden Lomburg Chemische Fabrik GmbH of Germany to develop and market spray-type inhalers and a steroid preparation in Japan.
1999 April Decided to establish Advisory Board and introduce corporate officer system.
September Acquired an equity stake in Toho Rayon Co., Ltd., now called Toho Tenax Co., Ltd.
October Signed a licensing agreement with TAP Holdings Inc. of the United States for a new therapeutic agent for gout and hyperuricemia.
2000 January

Polyester film joint venture with DuPont launched operations in seven countries.

2001 February Reestablished Twaron products business unit, acquired from Acordis B.V. of the Netherlands, as Teijin Twaron B.V.
April Teijin Shoji Co., Ltd., merged with an apparel division of Nissho Iwai Corp.
Teijin Systems Technology merged with the former Infocom Corporation.
August Began sales of new osteoporosis treatment Bonalon tablet (5mg).
2002 March Subsidiary Infocom was listed on the JASDAQ market.
Withdrew from the acetate fibers business.
April Spun off apparel-use polyester fibers business as a separate company, Teijin Fibers Limited.

New chemical recycling operations were launched at Teijin Fibers´ Tokuyama Factory.

July Started expansion of "Fiber to Fiber" recycling system, helping to enhance public awareness of recycling.
Established Teijin Chemicals Plastic Compounds (Shanghai) Ltd. 
October Teijin and DuPont announced plans to dissolve Teijin DuPont Nylon.
2003 March Established Teijin Polycarbonate China Ltd.
April Teijin introduced a holding company system.
Spun off industrial-use polyester fibers business as a separate company named Teijin Techno Products Limited.
New corporate brand, including new logo and brand statement, was rebuilt.
Teijin Group established a Corporate Governance Guide.
July Teijin concluded a cross-licensing agreement with Beaufour Ipsen S. A. of France.
October Spun off pharmaceutical and medical business as a separate company, Teijin Pharma Limited.
2004 August Toho Tenax acquires the U.S. polyacrylonitrile (PAN) carbon fiber business of Acordis BV, of the Netherlands, giving it a supply base in North America.
November With the aim of strengthening Groupwide marketing in the PRC, Teijin establishes the Shanghai Branch of the China Marketing Office.
2006 April Established Basic Policy for Internal Control System.
May Introduced Countermeasures to the Large-Scale Acquisitions of Teijin shares (takeover defence measures).
June Opened offices in India and Russia and established a local corporation in China.
October Established YUYU TEIJIN MEDICARE INC., a joint venture with YUYU INC. of the ROK.
2007 July Aiming or a 20% reduction in CO2 emission by 2020, sustainable Environment Declaration announced.
August Reorganized the WPT Project Team taking in charge of the new business development in the water treatment field as a special assignment project team under the direct control of the CEO.
September Teijin Twaron B.V. was renamed Teijin Aramid B.V.
2008 January Acquired New York-based home health care services provider Associated Healthcare Systems Inc., which became a wholly owned subsidiary.
April Set long-term goals for environmental preservation, and formulated Teijin Group Environment-Friendly Design Guidelines.

Established Innovation Research Institute.

May Acquired Braden Partners L.P., a leading U.S. provider of home oxygen and respiratory therapy medications and equipment, making the company a wholly owned subsidiary.
June Acquired majority stake in GH Craft Ltd., a manufacturer with an outstanding record in the design and development of advanced composite materials.
2009 February Established Esteve Teijin Healthcare S.L.-a joint venture with leading Spanish pharmaceuticals manufacturer Laboratorios del Dr. Esteve S.A.-to oversee HOT business in Europe.
March U.S. licensee Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc.-a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan´s Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company Limted, commenced sales of gout treatment TMX-67 in the Unted States under the name ULORIC.
2010 April Transferred stake in P.T. Teijin Indonesia Fiber Tbk to a third party.
July Acquired U.S. firm NanoGram Corporation.
2011 May Commenced sales of hyperuricemia and gout treatment FEBURIC (TMX-67) in Japan.

Commenced commercial production of high-performance polyethylene products.

November Established Lib separator production joint venture (Teijin CNF korea Co., Ltd.) in the ROK.
December Established Teijin Advanced Composites America Inc. in the United States.
2012 March

Signed an agreement with the China Chemical Fibers Association to enter into a comprehensive alliance.

October Organizational reforms
Realigned and integrated into Teijin Limited, Teijin Techno Products Limited and the industrial fibers business of Teijin Fibers Limited.
N.I. Teijin Shoji Co., Ltd. and the apparel business of Teijin Fibers Limited have been integrated and relaunched Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd..
2013 April Organizational reforms
Integrated into Teijin Limited, Teijin Chemical Limited.